1. I Feel Great!

    I had very painful lower back pain and a very stiff and painful neck before coming to see you. Now I feel Great! My lower back is never painful anymore. My neck feels great, and now I can turn my head normally!…Read More

    Susan M
  2. Big Thanks!

    I could barely walk before I came to your office. I was hunched over and was experiencing pain 100% of the time. It affected everything I did each day. I could barely get my shoes and socks on in the morning. I had pain shooting down my legs. It was horrible...Now, I not only feel better, I feel great! I don't feel any more pain in my back and my overall mobility seems to improve with each visit. …Read More

    Tim B
  3. Well Done!

    It’s refreshing to have a full body adjustment and have it to be a learning tool about how your body is responding and what you need to make yourself better. With an assessment of what you can do on your own to improve your overall chiropractic experience…plus the time and caring to properly assess your needs has been a breath of fresh chiropractic care…well done!…Read More

    Dennis B
  4. Pleasant

    Appointments are always pleasant.…Read More

    Richard G
  5. Very Nice And Friendly

    Everybody was very nice and friendly. My only regret is I wish I would have made an appointment sooner. I love the later hours-it’s so convenient. The doctor is very nice. I was afraid at first, but she made me feel very comfortable. I am looking forward to treatment and feeling better. I am glad I finally made the choice to go.…Read More

    Kimberly B
  6. Changed My Life!

    Changed my life!…Read More

    John W
  7. Very Friendly

    Everyone at Easthampton Chiropractic are very friendly and always make me feel welcome. I have been getting treatment for my neck and back. It sounds strange but my night vision has also improved. I was driving and was able to see much better than I was in the past. I think it has something to do with the adjustments that I have been getting. I wonder what other surprises chiropractic will have on…Read More

    Cheryl H
  8. Wonderful

    After having my " Findings Appointment " I was concerned! After my second adjustment I am feeling human again! The chairs in the waiting room are wonderful to relax you before your adjustments! A cup of herbal tea and a warm blanket are awesome touches to make me feel comfortable!…Read More

    Robin L
  9. No Need To Look Elsewhere

    Did wonders for my pain issues and the people there make a visit like going to see friends. From the moment you walk in you'll be in great hands of caring people. No need to look elsewhere. Just like the old TV show MASH, "Best care anywhere". :)…Read More

    Robert G
  10. Caring Doctor

    Very good...nice people. nice waiting room, caring doctor...quick appointments and easy to schedule.…Read More

    Angelique P