A major part of managing any type of pain is continuing to exercise and strengthen muscles. Since you may have been favoring one shoulder over the other because of pain, the muscles in the one less-often-used could be much weaker. When you come to us, our doctors will recommend an exercise routine to be done at home between chiropractic sessions. Some of these exercises could include specific stretching techniques designed to keep those muscles and tendons that they have worked on during your therapy session loose, reducing the risk of them tightening and the return of resulting pain. Whether it was a past injury or a recent muscle twist or pull, doing exercises that are intended to focus on those areas is an essential part of getting back to a daily life without chronic and consistent pain.
Upon returning for your next treatment, your doctor may change or adjust your suggested exercise routine depending on how you feel. If the pain has returned, we will suggest another type of exercise routine that might be a better fit.
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