You can expect the utmost professionalism and personalized care at Easthampton Chiropractic. Your initial visit is designed to help our doctor create the optimal treatment plan for you.

After you have filled out our new patient forms with your health history and what health concerns brought you to our office, you’ll meet with one of our chiropractors for an initial consultation. From there, our doctor will complete orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic examinations to determine the source of the pain. Digital x-rays can also be taken in the office on your first appointment

During your next appointment, our chiropractic professionals will go over their report from your initial exam, discuss treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

You can expect customized treatments delivered by a caring professional. If there are any measures we can suggest doing at home to progress your treatment, your chiropractor will advise the best course of self-care. We encourage all of our patients to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly as part of their treatment program.

Call our office today to set up a new patient appointment for more information on insurance.