A trigger point is a tightened area within muscle tissue that causes moderate to extreme pain. A trigger point in the back could cause pain the neck and that pain can cause a headache. Pain caused by trigger points can be sharp and intense, or it can be a dull, constant ache.
Trigger point therapy is designed to alleviate pain at the source and requires some patient participation with deep breathing exercises and identifying exact locations of pain and discomfort throughout the procedure.
Usually caused by the overuse of certain muscles, trigger points are the result of abnormal amounts of acetylcholine and an increase of calcium.Easily tolerable, we’ve found targeted trigger point therapy identifies and releases the trigger point, making it the most efficient way to experience relief. Though you may be feeling pain in one area, the true source of that pain could be located in a completely different part of your body. Our trained therapists are experts in identifying key trigger points.
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